Raw Crystal Keychain

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Color: Amethyst
Black Obsidian

Amethyst Crystal is a violet quartz gemstone, is believed to offer spiritual and calming benefits, promoting stress relief, sleep, mental clarity, emotional balance, and creativity. While these claims lack widespread scientific backing, many value amethyst for its aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance.

Selenite Crystal is thought to possess spiritual and healing properties, aiding in energy cleansing, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Many believe it promotes a sense of calmness, enhances meditation, and provides protection against negative energies, although these benefits are often rooted in traditional beliefs rather than scientific evidence.

Black Obsidian Crystal is believed to have protective and grounding properties. Many associate it with shielding against negativity, promoting emotional healing, and enhancing self-awareness. While rooted in traditional beliefs, its use is thought to support personal growth and transformation by encouraging introspection and releasing past traumas.

Citrine Crystal is often associated with positive energy, prosperity, and abundance. Believers credit it with boosting confidence, creativity, and motivation while dispelling negative energies. While these benefits are largely based on traditional beliefs, many appreciate Citrine for its vibrant appearance and symbolic representation of positivity and success.