Interested in selling your art?

New Art Purchasing Policy: 

Winnipeg Trading Post will no longer be purchasing arts and crafts in-store. 
No drop-ins will be allowed, and we will no longer make arts and crafts purchases on the premises. We will no longer be using cash for art/craft purchases. 

If you would like to sell us your arts or crafts, here are the steps:

  1. Email 
    Send us photos, details and prices of your art and/or crafts, by sending us an email to  Items must be itemized clearly.  If you would like to trade your items for craft supply, please indicate that in your email.

  2. Send Your Items to our location
    If we are interested, we will contact you to make arrangements with particulars of what items we would like to purchase from you.
    Once you are given the go ahead, have your approved items delivered to our location. 

  3. Payment
    Once we receive your items and confirm accurate and timely delivery, we will send payment via etransfer.  We will no longer be doing cash transactions for art/craft work.  If you do not have etransfer capability or are unfamiliar with it, contact your bank.