Located at 1128 Main Street, at the corner of Main and Redwood in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

We carry a vast assortment of beading and handicraft supplies. Popular items include: MIYUKI delica beads, MIYUKI seed beads, Czech seed beads, satin ribbon, feathers, cabochons, broad cloth, jingle cones in many colors, leather, fur.

WTP has been a proud supplier for many workshops across the country.  We have kits available for; drums, flutes, rattles, dream catchers, moccasins and beaded earrings.

Local Artists - Handmade goods

Winnipeg Trading Post takes pride in showcasing the work of our supportive artistic community. We carry many products that are handcrafted by Canadian artisans.  Some items include leather goods, beaded jewelry, star blankets and artwork.  

Our large selection of native handicrafts have been sourced and created by the  community. Many items are one of a kind!

Healing medicines - Healing crystals

Whether you practice cleansing negative energies, aligning chakras or ceremonial  smudging, we have what you need! Some items include; smudge kits, sage, lavender, palo Santo, tobacco, cedar, juniper, abalone shells, singing bowls, and crystals are coming soon!

Pow Wow and Ceremonial items

We carry a variety of one of a kind items in store. Stop in and you may find; porky roaches, fans, fan handles, ceremonial pipe, rattles, bone chokers, bone breast plate, ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts, star blankets, tobacco offering pouches, beaded sets.