Iron-On Method (for non-leather garments).

  1. Place the patch on the garment and cover it with a pressing cloth.
  2. Empty the water from your iron (you do not steam a patch) and turn it to its cotton setting.
  3. Iron over the press cloth for 60 seconds. Flip the garment over and iron the opposite side of the garment for 30 seconds.

Sew-On Method

  1. Spray the back side of the patch with adhesive spray from ten inches away and let it sit for 30 seconds.
  2. This will keep the patch in place long enough to complete your stitching.
  3. If you do not have adhesive spray, double sided tape may be used.
  4. Place the patch on the garment and press down firmly for 30 seconds once you have found the proper position.
  5. Begin stitching the edge of the patch and continue to stitch around the entire circumference of the patch.
  6. Stitch an extra 1-2 inches past your stitching starting point to ensure a strong hold.

Do not iron-on an embroidered patch to a leather garment; you may damage the leather; sew it on instead.