Artificial Sinew

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Size: 20yards
Colour: Natural
Neon Yellow
Neon Pink
Neon Green
Neon Orange

Imitation Sinew. 

Small - Approx. 20 yards (60ft / 18 meters)

Medium - Approx. 150 yards (450ft / 137meters)

Large - Approx. 300 yards (900ft / 274 meters)

Imitation sinew is a versatile material widely employed in Native American crafting traditions and beyond. It is a synthetic alternative to traditional animal sinew, offering both practicality and sustainability. This thread-like material typically consists of durable synthetic fibers that mimic the appearance and texture of natural sinew.

Craftspeople and artisans appreciate imitation sinew for its ease of use and strength. It serves various purposes in traditional crafting, including beadwork, quillwork, and leatherwork. The sinew's thin and flexible nature makes it ideal for intricate projects, allowing for precise and detailed designs.

Imitation sinew comes in an array of colors, providing artists with options to match their creative vision. Its durability ensures that crafted items withstand the test of time while preserving the authenticity of traditional techniques.

Overall, imitation sinew serves as an essential component in the preservation and continuation of Native American crafting traditions, offering a reliable and accessible alternative to natural sinew that does not compromise on quality or authenticity.