Beaded Hat Bands Assorted Colors

$50.00 CAD

Only 4 left!

Color: #17686 Turquoise Feathers
#17686 Turquoise Feathers
#17687 Red Feathers
#17688 Cyan Black Bears
#17689 GreyBlack
#17690 RedBlack
#17691 CyanWhite
#17692 Cyan Feathers

Discover our stunning Beaded Hat Bands, adorned with native-inspired motifs. Measuring approximately 51.5cm x 2.5cm, each band is meticulously crafted for both style and durability. Available in assorted color designs, these bands offer versatility to complement any hat. With limited stock available, seize the opportunity to add a touch of cultural flair and individuality to your headwear collection. Elevate your look with these unique and handcrafted pieces before they're gone.

 Price is for each.