FND Concho with loop in back - 3 styles and various sizes

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Style: Nickel 0.5 inch
Nickel 0.5 inch
Nickel 1 inch
Nickel 1.5 inch
Nickel 2 inch
Nickel 2.5 inch
Nickel 3 inch
Copper 0.5 inch
Copper 1 inch
Copper 1.5 inch
Copper 2 inch
Copper 2.5 inch
Copper 3 inch
Brass 0.5 inch
Brass 1 inch
Brass 1.5 inch
Brass 2 inch
Brass 2.5 inch
Brass 3 inch

Northern Style, plain, polished and domed with soldered loop on back. These conchos can be used on the type concho belts used by many different Native American-style dancers that include: Men's Northern Traditional, Men's Southern Traditional (Straight Dance), Women's Northern and Southern Traditional (leather or cloth), and Women's Jingle Dance.